So my wife made me sit down and write a blog. Not because she’s mean. Not because she’s bossy. But because I asked her to.

No, I didn’t look at my wife and say “hey, make sure I write a blog today”. But I have on many occasions told my wife that I would do something with no real intention or direction. (I know I can’t be the only one!)

I have a new years resolution to try and write one blog every week for all of 2020. Not for me, not for my wife, not even for our business, but for our clients, our community, and most importantly all the other business owners who are scared to have a real voice.

When I say a voice — No, I do not mean your political affiliation — although most of us could do a better job to keep that to ourselves — I mean an opportunity to say what is really on your mind as a business owner.

Nothing ever goes according to plan when you are running a business. AND THAT IS OKAY!

If everything went right the first time it means you weren’t pushing the envelope enough OR you haven’t waited long enough for it to go wrong yet!

Like my dad has always told me, “Business is messy.” So sometimes you just have to buckle up, find your outlet, and enjoy the ride.

So hold on tight!

Yours Truly,

Sean Kirby

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